If you notice a decrease in vision or any eye disorder, please contact your trusty ophthalmologist in Bolzano. Ophthalmologists or eye specialists: we offer full-time specialist assistance in both Italian and German, dedicated to both adults and children. Welcome to a comfortable and well-furnished studio located right in the historic center of the city. Doctors do a diagnostic evaluation and provide you with a personalized care program.

Eye care for adults and children

Barbara Dengg Kusstatscher and Klara Dellantonio are skilled and qualified professionals dedicated to the health of your eyes. These ophthalmologists or eye specialists provide patients with advanced diagnostic tools for the prevention of ocular pathologies right there in their Bolzano studio. They also perform outpatient surgery at the S. Maria clinic. Theses doctors take care of younger patients too, offering ophthalmic and orthotic care to children and infants. They are also at the forefront of conservative keratoconus surgery for the prevention of corneal transplantation.

How to make an appointment with one of our specialists

The ophthalmologists or eye specialists Barbara Dengg Kusstatscher and Klara Dellantonio are located in Bolzano in Via Museo 29, in one of the best possible downtown locations. The studio is easily reachable from the entire Trentino Alto Adige. Anyone who is looking for a competent and qualified ophthalmic specialist or who wants have periodic examinations is invited to book an appointment at the Bolzano clinic. We are open from Monday to Friday, or simply contact the doctor directly via e-mail.

For an eye examination, just call 0471 976055

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