Dr Barbara Dengg Kusstatscher and Klara Dellantonio specialize in refractive surgery and perform myopia and astigmatism correction by means of laser technology. These ophthalmic specialists also offer cutting-edge solutions for cataracts, keratoconus and retina pathologies. Call today to make an appointment with one of our specialists!

Ophthalmologic diagnosis

 Make an appointment today with one of our specialists at this Bolzano ophthalmic center. Expect a comprehensive examination to diagnose any eye disorders, along with all the relevant instrumentation. 
  • Diagnosis of common ophthalmic pathologies
  • Field of visions for glaucoma and driving
  • Three-dimensional OCT examination for cornea, macula and optic nerves
  • Corneal topography with Schleimpflug camera
  • Corneal pachymetry
  • Endothelial count
  • Maculopathic genetic test to assess the risk in case of hereditary diseases.

Ophthalmic surgery

After performing a careful diagnosis, Dr Dengg Kusstatscher and Dellantonio will provide you with the appropriate therapy. 
  • The treatment of myopia, hyperopia and intermediary astigmatism laser intervention by means of refractive surgery, performed in outpatient mode with local anesthesia
  • Cataract care without hospitalization through the insertion of several intraocular lenses at the same time
  • Keratocon treatment through cross-linking therapy that slows down its development
  • Treatment of retina pathologies by means of Argon lasers
  • Treatment of glaucoma and secondary cataracts by means of Neodym lasers

Consult an eye specialist, call 0471 976055

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